The wand.

The Wand is a item that is used to destroy one or more bricks at once. Unlike the Hammer, the Wand is capable of destroying large amounts of bricks at once, and as such, is generally used for clearing entire builds. It can be accessed by using the server command "Wand". You can easily get a Wand by typing /Wand in the chat.

Destructo-Wand Edit


The admin wand.

The Destructo Wand, also known as the Admin or Magic Wand, is a special tool only usable by Admins of the server. It allows the user to destroy bricks, just like the normal Wand, but does not require any trust with the owner. It is generally used to clear small amounts of spam and destroy disconnected player's bricks. It can be accessed with the server command "Magic Wand" or by selecting the button labeled "Admin Wand" from the Admin Menu.

Another noteworthy feature of the destructo wand is its ability to knock players back if they are being a nuisance.