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Welcome to the Blockland Wiki where you can learn everything you need to know about the sandbox game Blockland.

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About Blockland

Blockland was created over nine years ago by Eric Hartman. The game was originally meant to be a Lego-like building world where you could build with bricks. After about three years, Lego discovered the game and asked Hartman if they could buy it from him and give Hartman at least a one year job working on the game. After a couple of months, Lego stopped contacting Hartman and it appeared as if the deal wasn't going to happen.

Badspot then became suspicious that Lego was going to sue Hartman for including tons of Lego content in his game. To make sure that this didn't happen, he went to on to create his own independent game. He removed the Lego studs icon and replaced it with a square stud icon, made the players more blocky, replaced all the Lego weapons and tools with special weapons and tools designed by Hartman himself, and added new custom worlds to play in.

After a couple of years, the worlds that Hartman had designed, known as "maps", were deleted because he wanted to.

The game is now still currently in version 21. After many months, the game officially made it onto the popular gaming website Steam.

Badspot soon became ruler of all that is bricks. Banish the mega bloks.

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