Lolpaint is a fad started by weaver123 on the Blockland Forums. His idea was to paint "famous" blocklanders.



The first Lolpaint video released by weaver123, showing him paint SirHirg1.


On September 6, 2011, weaver123 started a thread on Lolpaint. It is simple to do:

  1. Go to say a Random Person
  2. Press whatever button you have to activate spraycan.
  3. Hold down the mouse button and scroll quickly.

He then made a TWENTY NINE video series of it (Episode one shown to the right).


SirHirg1, the person getting Lolpainted in the video above, got revenge by Lolpainting the Lolpainter.

Lolpainting the master of Lolpaint00:45

Lolpainting the master of Lolpaint

SirHirg1 Lolpainting the Lolpainter.

The Ultimate LolpaintEdit

The Lolpaint saga ended when SirHirg1 released the following video:

The Ultimate Lolpaint03:14

The Ultimate Lolpaint

There were no more Lolpaint videos released afterwards that I know of.

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