Three 'test gals' riding in a jeep along some scenery using default torque textures

Future war is a very early torque project made by Eric "Badspot" Hartman. It held many things for his future games, namely Age Of Time, and Blockland. It was never realeased to the public. All information is from Eric's website.


-Deployable Item system on a grid

-Putting dead teammates in beds to heal them

-Vehicle(s), namely the Jeep

Age Of Time Influences

Age of Time seems to feature some of the housing, and the feature to heal people with beds.

Blockland Influences

Badspot decided to create a "simpler game" after learning torque's limits. The deployable item system and limits of the torque engine led to planting bricks in a lego-esque world, under the name "Blockland". Badspot got business offers from the Lego company, but never got a phone response, and decided to go into full-scale development for the retail Blockland. To avoid legal trouble, all copyrighted lego content was removed. Eric claims to like the new style, saying it is "More unique". A Jeep vehicle was included in the retail version, possibly an idea sprung from Future War. It is unknown if they handled simularly, however.