Movement Edit

Forward W
Backward S
Strafe Left A
Strafe Right D
Walk C

View Edit

Turn Left
Turn Right
Look Up
Look Down
Toggle Zoom F
Free Look Z
Switch 1st/3rd TAB
Drop Camera at Player F8
Drop Player at Camera F7

Action Edit

Fire Weapon/Tool Mouse1
Suicide CTRL K
Next Vehicle Seat CTRL .
Prev Vehicle Seat CTRL ,

Communication Edit

Global Chat T
Team Chat Y
Chat Hud PageUp PAGEUP
Chat Hud PageDown PAGEDOWN

Gui Edit

Toggle Cursor M
Toggle Player Names F5
Open Admin Window CTRL A
Open Options Window CTRL O
Show Player List F2
Toggle NetGraph CTRL N

Tools/Inventory Edit

Use Bricks 1
Use Tools Q
Use Spray Can E
Use Light L
Drop Tool CTRL W
Use 1st Slot
Use 2nd Slot 2
Use 3rd Slot 3
Use 4th Slot 4
Use 5th Slot 5
Use 6th Slot 6
Use 7th Slot 7
Use 8th Slot 8
Use 9th Slot 9
Use 10th Slot 0
Inventory Up
Inventory Down
Inventory Left CTRL E
Inventory Right

Recording Edit

Take Hud Screenschot SHIFT-P
Take Screenshot CTRL-P
Take DOF Screenshot SHIFT-CTRL-P
Start Recording Demo
Stop Recording Demo

Emotes Edit


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