Blockland 00003

A Death Ion Cannon with a player next to it.

Blockland 00016

A player holding the Death Ion Cannon.

Blockland 00017

The Ion Cannon charging up.

"Prepare for oblivion" - A blockland player to several others who realize they are totally screwed

The Death Ion Cannon is/was a devastating weapon capable of untold destruction. Though banned from the now dead Return to Blockland, it is rumoured that several copies of its legendary zip file still float around on the Internet...

Destructive CapabilitiesEdit

Without a doubt, the Death Ion Cannon is one of the most powerful weapons ever made for Blockland. After a short charging period, it fires five bolts of energy, each of which explode into a sphere of destruction capable of wiping out entire cities. If aimed correctly, it can lay waste to vast areas.


Other than its banning from most sane Blockland servers, the Death Ion Cannon is hard to aim. Its massive size obstructs firing, making it near impossible to see your intended target. In addition, the five shots need to be scattered widely for maximum effect, as each has a wide area of impact. Despite these, it is still an astonishingly dangerous weapon.

Blockland 00019

One explosion from far away.