The console is an interface that provides users to directly input client or server commands into the game, in the Steam version of the game it is not displayed as another window and must be accessed by pressing the tilde (`) key. In addition, it also displays valuable information (errors, connection requests, loaded files) depending where it's opened.

Typically, the console is used for debugging purposes and no ordinary user need open it unless specifically told to in relation to a problem they might be having e.g. an add-on not loading or working correctly.

Console I/O is logged each game session to Blockland's root folder as 'console.log' and resets at the start of every new game session (not when you quit or exit the game).

The 'console.log' is a valuable file which aids in solving issues with a person's Blockland installation.


Useful commands include:

Command Purpose
reconnectToServer(); Reconnects to the current server you're on.
trace(1); Turns on trace, a useful debugging tool to people who know how to interpret it - generally used in the Help board of the BLF.

Turns off trace.

talk("text here"); When used while hosting a server, or used through a dedicated server's console window, allows you to talk to other users as 'CONSOLE'.